You are what you eat!

This class teaches the most common dietary and lifestyle causes of heartburn.

Safe, practical, and specific nutrition and lifestyle solutions.

Want less pills? Start here.

Hi, I am Dr. William Curtis.

I have spent the last 20 years as a primary care physician, rancher, coach, and health advocate teaching the value of nutrition and lifestyle.

Versed in traditional western medicine, I have learned over the years that the "Pill for Everything" approach simply doesn't work.

Real Health doesn't come from a bottle.

I created content in this school for many common issues I have seen in my medical practice over the years.

All of my courses are designed to give you clear information, practical solutions, and actionable insights to maximize your health potential.

The topics I cover don't always exclude the possible need to see a physician, but so often they do offer natural ways to allow the body to heal itself.

This course is closed for enrollment.